Liquid Soap Making

Liquid soap making is one of the easiest things to do when it comes to making your own soap. If you are on a budget this is a great money saver. It gives you the luxury of hand soap but at very little cost. One way to do it is to save up all those old little scraps of soap and save or cut them into small pieces. Then place the grated soap, which should be equal to a full bar of soap, into a cup of boiling water and put it into your blender. Then set it on whip and let it blend the two ingredients. Then you can add a tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of glycerin and stir it well.

Allow the entire batch to cool and then whip it again in your blender. Now simply add cold water to the mixture until you have about six cups. Whip it all up again and pour it into an open lidded storage container and when it is cool you are ready to start filling pump dispensers. It’s wise to shake them before using them.

Liquid soap making is one of the most popular types of soap making as it lathers quickly, is really convenient and it beats having to deal with bar soap at your sink. Liquid soap that is store bought is not cheap and you can save a lot of money by simply making it yourself. A basic recipe for beginners and one that you can make in a crock pot is:

16.5 ounces of sunflower oil
7 ounces of coconut oil
5.5 ounces of potassium hydroxide
16.5 ounces water that is distilled (this is for the lye mixture)
40 ounces water that is distilled, used with the soap paste to dilute it
2 ounces of boric acid
3 ounces of essential oils. These can be mixed as long as the total is no more than 3 ounces
Some type of color if you want to color it.

Mix all your oils in the crock pot on a very low temperature until it reaches approximately 160 degrees. During the time these are heating, mix the lye and water in the standard way. The potassium hydroxide is a bit volatile in water but this is normal. It makes some odd sounds but don’t worry. When this is done and mixed completely and clear looking then gradually add it to your oils in the crockpot gradually stirring it until it is all mixed together.

Then you can start to blast it together with a stick blender. It can take a long time to get trace. Don’t worry if it takes 30 minutes or a bit more. This is normal. After trace leave the soap for about 20 minutes. If you still see separation just stir it again and put the lid on.

Keep checking. It can take up to 4 hours for this mixture to cook and it will go through different stages so don’t be concerned. Just keep stirring it every half hour. You can even use a potato masher to help you if it gets really sticky. Once it starts to get creamy and looks like Vaseline it will start to look more translucent.

Now it’s time to dilute the paste using the 40 ounces of water that is remaining. Bring it to a slow boil by adding the water to the paste. Then turn off the heat and let it sit with the lid on. You can let the entire mixture sit overnight as you are simply in a wait and see mode. When it is completely dissolved you next need to neutralize it. Here you can add fragrance or essential oils after the neutralizing process.

Bring the mixture to 180 degrees. While doing this make your neutralizing solution. Take your boric acid and mix it into 8 ounces of boiling water. Make sure to stir it well and keep it hot. This is crucial. For every pound of soap paste add 3/4 of an ounce of neutralizer.

This recipe makes about 2.8 pounds of paste so you should add about 2 ounces of solution. Slowly put the neutralizing mixture into the heated soap mixture making sure to stir it very well at the same time. Add it one ounce at a time, let it sit for awhile and then add a half ounce. If it is still clear you can add the remaining amount of the mixture. Now add your essential oils or fragrance while the entire mixture is still hot.

Pour into a large container and let the entire mixture rest and cool. Any particles will sink to the bottom. When pouring into containers let the particles at the bottom stay there. Do not add to your dispensers. You’re now ready to start enjoying your liquid soap, or giving it as gifts to friends and family.